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Abandoned Ideas

Below is a list of ideas I had thought of making at one point in time but have since abandoned.

  1. Create a extension for BlogEngine that makes backup copies of pages/posts and saves there state over time so you can go back and view deleted/updated posts/pages or even restore them.
  2. Create search website that allows you to search from multiple search engines. Must have user account. Allows you to filter out results like never wanting to see results from a specific site (tied to user search preferences). Ability to search by adding multiple filters to filter the search results that you got back, then add another filter to filter out the results from the previous filter. Each time weeding out undesirable pages and sites and having the opportunity to ban pages or sites with just a click.
  3. Product trading website where you have users that are offering items for trade and requesting specific items. The system searches and matches listing automatically as they become availible based of geographic distance user reputation etc.
  4. Code snippet based language. Take code snippets and attach meta data or words to them. So then you can type a sentence and each word in that sentence references a snippet. The word would have to be unique and non language based or maybe pictographic based other wise it would confuse people who read it. It would be a new language written and spoken by programmers for programmers. With the intension of being able to write massive amounts of code with just a few words.
  5. Creating a way for a programming language to be automatically translated across languages. For example IGameController in English would show up something like IGameContrôleur if the code was viewed on a French platform etc. This could be done with language specific keywords but user specified variable names would be problematic.