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General Ideas

Below is a list of general ideas I am planning on developing as well as some that I may never get around to making.

  1. Need mono behavior that takes a start and end in 2D space and calculates the angle. Then when those points are moved have another angle range value that will restrict the objects position to within that angle range. This could be usefull for phisics like for instance you want to roll a ball from point a to point b but you do not want it to diviate more then a few degrees along the path from A to B as it aproaches point B.
  2. Need to make comedy videos of attempts to create a specific tile map using unitile, tidy, 2D tile and Grid Mapping to compare work flow and speed then post results on the you tubes.
  3. Need tool that can convert html to unity gui C# code via a asset importer.
  4. Need a debug tool for tracking a variable or object in real time within unity that can plot a line/bar/pie graphs etc of the data.
  5. Need a tool that you can basically draw an image and have a layer height list on the right side. Each layer defines the height of the terrain that will be generated as well as what material will be used.
  6. Need editor window that allows you to paste code into a editor window and save that code as a script file. Basically a notepad editor in unity nothing fancy just something to edit text make small tweaks etc without having to fire up a external editor.
  7. Create camera target script with ability to set a target object and boolean property for auto targeting on set etc. Would also need a time parameter to control how fast the camera goes from it's current focus to the new target.
  8. Tool that scans through your unity packages and builds a asset browser data base where you can browse assets without having to import them this would allow you to browse through hundreds of unity packages without the need to import them. You would need to generate preview textures for each asset in every package etc. But this would be a very handy tool. Have ability for user to tag/categorize assets etc. What would be even better is if the unity asset browser had a plug-in modal where you could hook into and integrate with. Also have the ability to import a single asset from a package with just a click. There would be issues with prefabs and asset dependencies but I think it's do able.
  9. Create on line backup software like Google Drive or Dropbox but instead of backing up to a server it will backup to a friends or family computer(s). Effectively sharing your data with the actual people you trust using encryption to encode files etc. This would provide multiple off site redundancies and it would act like a p2p network when downloading a file because you can get it from multiple computers etc. Basically making a cloud storage solution with individual people and not a corporation or cloud storage service.
  10. Make a website that has a Silverlight or unity app for editing custom drawn waveforms that can be played back etc. To build up a massive lib of user generated wave forms. that people can contribute to and download from. Intended to make simple 4 & 8bit sound effects like on the Atari 2600 and other simple games.
  11. Create imdb api that allows you to import a list of movies contained in a text file using etc to add movies to your movie lists on the imdb website. Given the sites legal take down notice I may have to create a client application with a embedded web control.
  12. A silverlight/unity app for unique image manipulation software such as grid deforms, bends, tile maker, 3dstudio like modifier stacks etc (I started Silverlight project and added a few of these features already but don't think i have made it available anywhere.)
  13. Integrated help system for in editor unity help documentation that grabs help from a web service etc
  14. Utility for unity that can be scheduled under windows scheduler to automate unity project backups by invoking unity and having it export the project as a package.
  15. Various textures for selection circles and swirls etc from white textures used for effects, particles & selections etc to sell as a unity package check the unity asset store for any existing ones.
  16. Data site for sites like Indigogo where the site tracks what projects do what and what type of projects do well and have some sort of way to report what types of projects consumers really rally behind.
  17. A unity utility that takes a material and clones it with options to flip the texture co-ordinates vert/horiz etc