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Grid Mapping is a unity editor tool that assists you in the creation of worlds that are based around a grid.

Current Features

  • Can use your own prefabs
  • Includes simple prefab shapes
  • Customizable prefab quick select grid
  • Recently used lists for quick re-selection
  • Support for layering
  • Can name, lock, show/hide, reorder layers
  • Structured prefab naming convention
  • Preset rotations when drawing
  • 3 draw tools Pencil/Rectangle/FillRectangle
  • Supports Undo
  • Full off line documentation included
  • Built in feedback tool
  • Includes preliminary API & developer tools
  • Can auto scale and auto center prefabs
  • Lots of settings for customization
  • Fully commented & organized C# source code included
  • 95+% of source code conforms to default StyleCop settings

NOTE: The current version of this tool does not contain a grid or tile mapping/management system. It is a in editor creation tool designed to make it easy to rapidly place prefabs within a grid based layout. A future update will include editor & runtime API's.


Coming soon-ish!