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in development previews July 19, 2014

I have started a new playlist on the Codefarts YouTube page titled "In Development Previews". This playlist will be where I post previews and progress on the various projects listed here on the codefarts website.

The fallowing three videos are from a new level editing project that is currnetly under development. It is a minecraft style project but unlike minecraft this map editor allows for blocks to be dynamically resized along the y axis. This video is simply a performance test. I recorded this on a Surface Pro 2 8Gb/256Gb tablet.

It is a project I have been meaning to work on for a few years now. It is still early stages and has gone through a number of trial an error phases but I am starting to make some progress.

Like Minecraft the map consists of stacked blocks that are 1x1 wide/thick. Unlike Minecraft each blocks height can be dynamically resized and are not set at a fixed height.

Maps are 128x128 and broken down onto chunks consisting of single meshes. Each chunk consists of 16x16 blocks.

Loading maps occurs asynchronously. The level editor is still under development so the asynchronous loading still needs to be smoothed out a bit more.

In this test the loading code is doing work for 3/4 of a second before allowing other updates to occur, resulting in low and stuttering response times. More work also need to be done to improve map loading performance.

The map seen in this video is from a 2001 game called Magestorm.