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spooky updates from beyond the grave! ooohhooohhh October 31, 2013

I have been back from mushroom picking for a while now but have yet to post a update. This is because I have been trying to rebuild and consolodate my various projects down to a single location.

I had 4 running copies of my projects. One on my laptop, one on my desktop, one on a usb key, and one on google drive. The laptop and desktop were google drive synced, but there seemed to be a issue with syncing. Specifically numerous files and folders were being duplicated with a "(1)" attached to the end of there names.

This was causing issues with my local git repositories and with unity. So I have been busy comparing projects to figure out which one has the most up to date copy and delete the other copies.

Other then that I have been working on a my Grid Mapping project and doing a little work on this website.