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Codefarts.Input for unity
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All rights reserved.

Provides a simple easy to use cross platform, state based, abstracted user input system written in C#.

*NOTE* Not currently availible as it is still being finalized.

Current Features

  • A little as 3-6 lines of code to setup a device and bind it to a method.
  • State based. Be notified only when the input state changes.
  • Full off line documentation included.
  • Built in feedback tool.
  • Fully commented & organized C# source code included.
  • 95+% of source code conforms to default StyleCop settings.

Bug Reporting [ Top ]

If you find a bug or undesired behavior you can send an email to with a description of your issue.

Or you can use the built in feedback and suggestion reporting tool by selecting "Window->Codefarts->Error Reporting and Feedback".

The "Email" field is optional but you could also specify your social media contact info such as Twitter if your submission requires a response from the codefarts team.

Version Notes [ Top ]

Items starting with "Completed" are items that have been fully implemented as they were intended
Items starting with "Partial" are items that have only been partially implemented.


  • Initial Release.

Attribution [ Top ]