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api pages working with new code base February 26, 2014

Ok, so as usual all I did was fiddle fart around and really did'nt do or change anything to the new code base and voila, like magic it suddenly decides it's going to start working. /sigh

So as of this post the Codefarts website is running under a new code base, ... again. API pages like this one appear to be working as intended.

I've blogged about the related code changes on my other website at At the bottom of the post I made a note since I originally wrote the post back in march 2013 I have since written a entirely new (and more simplified) web server back end and have ported the local copy of my website over to it. I’ll be making future posts regarding this new system and the reasons why it is even better then the custom built MVC clone I described earlier in the post.

So with any luck the site will stay up and running until I need to make additional changes, and add additional features. Particularly some kind of commenting/forum system.